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startup business funding

Start-up Funding

Entrepreneurial Desires.   Over 6 million people in the United States started a new business in 2015.   This was the greatest increase of new business start-ups in over 20 years and this increased pace of new business start-ups has continued in 2016.   In a recent Gallup poll that interviewed a diverse group of more than 2,000 Americans, over 50% said they would like to start their own business. (more…)

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Reduce Stress Improve Cash Flow

Money problems can create more stress than almost anything else. Every owner of a business knows this is true, but from time-to-time all small businesses will have cash flow issues. Whether caused by an unexpected expense or issues with collection of accounts receivable, a lack of money for payroll, rent or other expenses can hurt credit, create a lot of stress and threaten the very survival of the business itself.


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All small business owners should read this article!   The international banking meltdown of 2008 was unlike any economic downturn in the past 100 years. Forced to comply with changes made in the banking system, banks no longer have reason to make loans to small businesses. As part of a general planning strategy, every business owner must understand the following five reasons most banks will not loan money to a small business. (more…)

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Every business owner knows how the interruption or payment delay of accounts receivable can threaten the survival of their company.  This true story (using fake names) describes how factoring helped a San Diego based electronics company avoid going out of business.   (more…)

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invoice factoring unpaid invoices

Invoice Factoring Explained

Invoice Factoring is the sale of a properly issued invoice in exchange for immediate cash. A “properly issued invoice” means that goods and/or services have been delivered and accepted by a buyer with payment of the full amount shown in the invoice due according to the invoice terms. (more…)

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