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Oct 6, 2017 dbr (0)

A local industrial equipment supplier referred a baked goods manufacturer after selling them their first commercial oven. DBR’s accounts receivable facility grew as our client’s revenue grew, fueled by the working capital that was available through the factoring line of credit.  The company bought more ovens, took on new customers and eventually expanded their operations into a much larger space.  The expansion was made possible by bridge loans offered through our affiliate, Diversified Capital Resources, LLC (DCR).




The factoring facility grew as the revenues grew and we were able to offer preferential pricing, which further added to the profitability of the company.  Recently, when our client took out an $100,000 MCA loan, the repayment of that loan quickly became a burden.  Once again, we were able to accommodate the cash flow needs of our client through our sister company’s, DCR, loan programs.  Our grateful client, because of our customized programs and hands-on approach, will soon qualify for an SBA loan through one of our alliance partners.  But they know that DBR will always be there should they need us.


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