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Since 1988, DBR has been providing all types of alternative business funding for small businesses. Whether your business needs new equipment, more inventory or capital to purchase another business or any kind of alternative business loans, DBR can help get you the funding you need. For almost 30 years we have provided alternative business financing for just about every type of capital need a business can face. Our commitment to each DBR client is to either provide, or help put in place, a funding program that gets your business the money you need with terms that will fit your budget.

Alternative Business Funding

Here is a brief description of some of the alternative business loans DBR can arrange:


  • Equipment Purchase or Lease – DBR helps clients evaluate and put in place financial arrangements for either the purchase or lease of equipment that will make the operation of your business more profitable.


  • Inventory Purchase Funding. Seasonal sales can make the purchase of product inventory very hard to manage. For any business with a need to purchase greater-than-normal quantities of inventory, DBR can quickly provide the necessary funding.


  • Business Purchase Funding. In many cases, a business can greatly benefit from the purchase of or merger with a business that provides a strategic advantage. As with all forms of business funding, DBR will help you evaluate the opportunity and obtain the funding you need.


  • Revenue Based Funding. As with accounts receivable factoring, when a business is consistently generating revenue but needs additional capital for other purposes, DBR can help to provide the funding that is required.


  • Long Term Business Loans. Often, the amount of funding a business requires will not fit within the requirements of the Short Term Loan programs DBR offers. For these situations a longer term loan is more appropriate and DBR can help provide this funding.

Securing an alternative business loan is quick and easy. Here is what we need:alternative business financing

1. Your company must have been in business for at least 1 year and must be actively generating accounts receivable.


2. We need a signed application containing information about your business and its owners. When we receive this information, we will quote fees and a Short Term Loan Agreement will be put in place.


3. When the type and amount of the needed funding is determined, a sufficient amount of invoices need to be assigned to DBR to cover anticipated monthly loan payments.


4. When everything is in place, necessary funding will be made available.


If everything goes smoothly, we can set up funding within 3-4 days. DBR’s sister company, Diversified Capital Resources, LLC is the source of all alternative business funding other than invoice factoring. DCR is a California Licensed Lender company operating under License #603K778 that provides many forms of business funding for DBR’s clients.


The first step in securing alternative business loans is the submission of an application so we can quickly qualify your business and tell you how much funding we can provide.


Submit an Application for Alternative Business Funding