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Purchase Order Financing From Diversified Business Resources


Purchase Order Financing is a way to quickly get the money for the parts, materials, vendor services, labor and other costs your business needs to deliver goods and/or services to a customer who has given you an order.


The diagram below shows how Purchase Order Funding works, but here is a simple explanation:


Step 1 –  All rights under the purchase order, including the right to payment, are assigned to DBR.   PO financing up to 50% of the total order amount is provided by a DBR sister company.


Step 2 –  Within 90 days of the funding date, all goods and/or services required under the purchase order must be delivered to the buyer.


Step 3 –  The invoice issued after delivery of the goods and/or services is submitted to DBR for Factoring.


Step 4 –  The PO Financing advance and fees are repaid from the DBR Factoring advance.


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Setting up a new Purchase Order Financing account is easy and quick.  Here is what we need:


1. Your company must have been in business for at least 1 year and must have a valid purchase order with a credit worthy customer for delivery of goods and/or services within the next 90 days.


2. We need a signed application containing information about your business and its owners.  When we receive this information, we will quote fees and a PO Funding agreement will be put in place.


3. We need copies of the purchase order you wish to fund and your written assignment of all rights to that purchase order to DBR.


4. When everything is in place, the full amount of Purchase Order Financing will be provided.


5. When the goods and/or services are delivered, the resulting invoice will be Factored by DBR and the PO Financing advance and fees will be repaid with the balance of the Factoring advance going to your company.


If everything goes smoothly, we can set up a new PO Funding account and provide funding within 3-4 days.


Purchase Order Financing Company


DBR’s sister company, Diversified Capital Resources, LLC can provide your business with the Purchase Order Funding you need to complete pending orders.   DCR is a California Licensed Lender company operating under License # 603K778 that provides PO Funding and other forms of business funding for many of DBR’s clients.


No matter what credit problems you may have had in the past, it is rare that something in your past will prevent DCR from finding a way to quickly get you the Purchase Order Funding you need.


Business experts always say:  “The one thing that makes the difference between a successful company and a company that is struggling is having access to adequate business capital.”


The first step to set up PO Funding for your business is submission of an application so we can quickly qualify your business and tell you how much funding we can provide.  Click the link below to submit an application for the money you need now.


Purchase Order Financing allows you to satisfy orders from your customers.

Purchase Order Financing improves cash flow.

Purchase Order Financing is based on the credit of your customers.


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